Essay writing

Essays are written by business economists, political scientists, educators, media students in semester two. Historians, rhetorics, aesthetics, archive scientists, students in international relations also write thesis. For the political scientists, the thesis is the first essay you write. It should often be presented and defended at a seminar. For many it is a difficult task, for others the first time they have written an essay they like.

The requirements for the thesis are usually formulated as a half thesis, or an extended home thesis. Political science institutions often contribute with instructions that leave much to be desired, which gives the political scientist security in the task and the feeling that they know exactly what to do. The thesis has the similarity to a thesis that:

  • the student should collect and evaluate information within the framework of a problem in political science, journalism science, pedagogy.
  • it should solve a formulated problem based on knowledge in its field with methods in the field.
  • A clear purpose should guide the student through the entire thesis work.
  • An empirical survey can be done that fits within the time frame.
  • it contains reference systems.
  • the student must report orally and in writing for the results.
  • the student should oppose a corresponding work at a seminar.

It has improved in recent years. The essay coach has written a  thesis in political science in the 90s. Perhaps it was 30% of the students who got ready within the set time.

A major challenge for the thesis student is to plan his time and find a topic that is both stimulating and not too extensive.

When you contact the essay coach we decide on the meeting and go through the most important components of the thesis.

Purpose, issues, methods to be used, theories to use, empirical studies.

Together with the essay coach, we create a realistic plan for how we should proceed to plan the time in the best way.