Writing examination tasks

Degree project is what it claims to be the work that stands between you and the exam.

Degree work has the same function as a bachelor thesis in that it is a prerequisite for a degree. It is completed as a completion of vocational training at university level and at technical colleges. Exjobb usually has more practical elements but the requirements are usually the same on the text quality, outline references and scientific.

Degree project is a right long word why thesis work is usually more popular concept. It is commonplace that technicians usually use the verb exjobba.

Degree projects usually include internships or practical sessions. At the legal faculties, the term thesis work uses a thesis. Law students thus write a thesis. There are usually ads from employers who are looking for work. A good idea may be to write a thesis at a company or in a research project. It can lead to jobs.

Here are the requirements for a degree project in law at University.

In law, it is required at University:

Write your own essay.

Participation in five seminars plus opposition to another essay and defense of one’s own essay. If the supervisor requires, you may need it. In university, you have an internship with a degree project.

At Stockholm University, the requirements are slightly different on the degree project in law; It takes three seminars, participation in Claes Sandgren’s essay course “To write essay”. In addition, participation in a subject-specific seminar is required. Of course, you also need to write an essay.

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